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Pricing List

Room Sq. Ft Seating (see options below) Pricing
Rounds Theatre Classroom Weekday Fri & Sat Sunday
Living Room 1300 100 90 60 $75 hr. $125 hr./5hr. Min $100 hr.
Dining Room 615 40 50 30 $50 hr.; Included w/Living Room Included w/Living Room $75 hr.; Included w/Living Room
Library 235 n/a n/a 8 fixed $30 hr.; Included w/Living Room Included w/Living Room Included w/Living Room
Bridal Suite 465 n/a n/a n/a  Included w/Living Room  Included w/Living Room  Included w/Living Room
Piano Room 192 n/a n/a 15 fixed $30 hr. $30 hr. $30 hr.
Community Room 450 n/a n/a 20 $40 hr. $40 hr. $40 hr.
Grounds/Pavilion   varies varies varies $50 hr. $50 hr. w/house; $150 hr. w/o house $50 hr. w/house; $150 hr. w/o house

Seating Options

Seating Option 1  - Round Tables that fit 6-8 guests comfortably Seating Option 2 - Theatre style
Seating Option 3 - Classroom style




Send an email Longacre House, 24705 Farmington Road, Farmington Hills, MI 48336, (248) 477-8404


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