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Mayor's Youth Council

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Mayor's Youth Council Overview

“The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create It.”

The Farmington/Farmington Hills Mayors Youth Council is a group of teens dedicated to bettering their city by creating programs that appeal to high-schoolers. The MYC gives teens the opportunity to have fun, make new friends, plan events, and get involved in their community. Members have the chance to get hands-on experience in local government by working with the City Council while learning leadership and organizational skills. This is civic training at its best, giving kids the outlets and tools they need to increase their understanding of how to run a municipal body and make a difference.

As youth in today's society, we are faced with media all over the country presenting negative images of high school students. All of us experience the pressure of growing up in today’s society; the few teens that make poor decisions create a bad reputation for all the teens working hard to do the right thing. A feeling of hopelessness creeps into the back of every teen’s mind; why work hard and make good decisions when no one notices? When no one will listen! As the Mayor's Youth Council, we would like to give you a chance to BE HEARD. Let your voice ring out above the crowd and make a difference.

Challenge the government to improve society. Better yet, challenge your peers and yourself. The MYC is comprised of high school students that serve as an outlet for the voice of the youth in the community. We are a liaison between our peers and elected government officials. We meet twice a month, for two hours -which is not a lot of time out of your busy schedule. What is it that you want to do on the weekends? Come to our meetings and help us plan events. Have you ever wanted to make a difference, big or small? Here's your chance. You can make it happen.

Plus we have free pizza at every meeting and everything that you do with MYC counts as community service hours!

2012/2013 Farmington Hills/Farmington Mayors Youth Council
2012/2013 Farmington Hills/Farmington Mayors Youth Council
Back row: Sudhu San, Abi Suresh, Priya Shanmughasundaram, Hafsa Khan, Uzair Khan, Alyson Rich, Bricia Padilla, Kate Diehl
Front row: Asha Shekar, Manisha Dayananda, Elizabeth Ho, Taania Girgla, Mrudhula Tankasala, Maithri malladi, Vivi Rubles, Priyanka Darsi




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