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Updated May 11, 2017

City of Farmington Hills Major Road Projects

11 Mile Road Rehabilitation, Orchard Lake Road to Middlebelt Road
This project is well underway.  11 Mile Road will be closed to thru traffic for the duration of the project. A detour route directing traffic to 10 Mile Road has been posted.  This project is scheduled to be substantially completed and open to traffic mid-August.

13 Mile Road Rehabilitation, Halsted Road to Drake Road
Reconstruction of this roadway is well underway.  13 Mile Road will be closed to thru traffic.   Local access will be maintained in an eastbound direction only.  Access into the construction zone will be maintained only from Halsted Road and all traffic will exit via Drake Road.  This project is scheduled to be substantially completed and open to traffic mid-August.
Drake Road Rehabilitation, 12 Mile Road to 13 Mile Road
Preliminary work on this project is underway.  Drake Road will remain open; however, it will be reduced to one lane with flag control during daytime hours.    

Country Club Drive, Haggerty Road to 12 Mile Road
Reconstruction of this roadway is scheduled to begin Friday, May 12, 2017, weather permitting.  Local traffic will be maintained in one direction only.  Access to Country Club Drive will be maintained only from 12 Mile Road and all traffic will be required to exit to Haggerty Road.   This project is scheduled to be substantially completed and open to traffic by September 1, 2017.

City of Farmington Hills Local Road Projects

Independence Commons Subdivision
Concrete paving is underway on Old Homestead, the very last phase of the project.  Work is scheduled to be substantially completed early this summer.    

Frequently Asked Questions about the Independence Commons Subdivision Road Rehabilitation Project.

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County Projects

Middlebelt Sewer Transport and Storage Tunnel (I-696 to Northwestern Highway)
Middlebelt Road has been reopened between Highmeadow and Wellington; however, lane closures will be utilized to accommodate the remaining work items throughout May.   

12 Mile Concrete Repair Project (Haggerty Road to Farmington Road)
This concrete repair project is expected to begin late summer.  Updates will be forthcoming as more information becomes available.

For information about Road Commission for Oakland County Projects, visit the RCOC website at, and then check press releases and/or the real time traffic map.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Grand River Avenue, Sinacola to Purdue

The right lanes of eastbound and westbound Grand River will be closed from Sinacola Street to Shiawassee Street for concrete pavement repair work. The closure time frames will be:

• 5/11/2017 8 PM to 5/12/2017 5 AM
• 5/12/2017 9 PM to 5/15/2017 5 AM

Several intersections have dual left and right turn lanes at the intersection with Grand River Avenue. One turn lane will be closed during the time frames listed above at the following intersections:  

• Westbound Grand River at the 10 Mile Road/Grand River Intersection
• Southbound M-5 Exit Ramp to Grand River
• Southbound Halstead Road at Grand River
• Northbound Freedom Road at Grand River

M-5, 12 Mile Road to Pontiac Trail

Currently there is a full closure in place on southbound M-5 from Maple Road to 12 Mile Road.  One lane is open from Pontiac Trail to Maple and the 12 Mile ramp to southbound M-5 remains open as well.  Lane closures on M-5 begin just south of Pontiac Trail and all traffic is forced to turn right at Maple Road.

This section of roadway is scheduled to open Monday, May 15, 2017, weather permitting, and will be followed shortly thereafter by the closure of northbound M-5.  

During the current southbound closure, vehicles traveling northbound on M-5 cannot use the turn arounds to head westbound on 13 Mile Road or 14 Mile Road. Also, vehicles heading eastbound on 13 Mile Road, 14 Mile Road, and Maple Road cannot use the turn around to head northbound on M-5. All cross roads at 13 Mile, 14 Mile, and Maple Road are maintaining a minimum of one lane open in each direction at all times. All 12 Mile Road ramps to southbound M-5 with access to all freeways remain open.

Southbound M-5 repairs are expected to be finished this weekend, weather permitting. If work goes as planned, barrels are expected to be removed from the southbound side of the roadway and the northbound side will then be closed from 12 Mile Road to Pontiac Trail.

The following ramps will be closed:
- The westbound M-5 ramp to northbound M-5
- The northbound I-275 ramp to northbound M-5

All mile roads crossing northbound M-5 will have at least one lane open through the intersections crossing M-5.

The eastbound and westbound I-96 ramps to northbound M-5 will be open to 12 Mile Road, where traffic must exit.

Detailed closure locations and dates for MDOT projects can be found by visiting then clicking on Construction Search. 

Construction Projects Scheduled for 2017


  • 13 Mile Road, Halsted Road to Drake Road – Reconstruction
  • 11 Mile Road, Middlebelt Road to Orchard Lake Road – Reconstruction
  • Drake Road, 12 Mile Road to 13 Mile Road – Resurfacing
  • Independence Commons Subdivision, concrete roadways – Rehabilitation
  • Country Club Drive – Road reconstruction
  • 12 Mile, Haggerty Road to Farmington Road, full depth concrete – Selective slab replacement and joint repair (RCOC)
  • M5, 12 Mile Road to Pontiac Trail – Concrete repair work (MDOT)
  • Grand River, Sinacola to Purdue – Pavement rehabilitation, storm sewer repairs, and road diet in City of Farmington (MDOT)

New Sidewalks

  • 11 Mile Road – Complete missing sidewalk segments between Orchard Lake Road and Middlebelt (south side)
  • Middlebelt Road – South of 10 Mile Road on west side