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Parking Lot Tree Planting Guidelines

Parking lot with tree in foreground.The City of Farmington Hills Zoning Chapter 34-5.14 requires that deciduous canopy trees be planted in and around paved areas serving motor vehicles. This requirement primarily, though not exclusively, applies to parking lot areas. Parking lot trees are not required within parking lots in the rear or interior side yards of Light Industrial (LI-1) districts.

Below are some of the requirements for parking lot design with regards to parking lot trees. Refer to Zoning Chapter 34-5.14 for complete requirements.

  1. Parking lot trees shall be indicated on both the Site Plan and on the Landscape Plan and shown in the same location on each. The distribution shall be approved by the Planning Commission.
  2. One (1) tree shall be planted for every twenty eight hundred (2,800) square feet of paved surfaces provided that no fewer than two (2) trees are provided regardless of surface area.
  3. Deciduous canopy trees shall be a minimum three (3) inch caliper. Transplanted trees will not be accepted. Planning Commission may permit eight (8) foot high evergreen trees in instances where it would be in the best interest of the City and where clear vision in maintained.
  4. Trees shall be distributed evenly throughout the paved area and shall be provided with an open land area of not less than one hundred eighty (180) square feet and with a minimum radius of three (3) feet at the trunk of the tree for protection. Trees shall be protected from vehicles with curbing or other suitable device.
  5. Parking lot islands and all planting areas shall be excavated of all building material to a minimum depth of eighteen (18) inches and backfilled with a medium textured planting mix prior to tree planting.
  6. In order to be included as parking lot trees, trees shall be planted within twenty (20) feet of the paved surface.
  7. Trees shall be required throughout the life of the development. If any trees die, become diseased or are removed, they shall be replaced.
  8. Trees shall be planted in accordance with Chapter 34-5.14.

Drawing showing typical parking lot tree planting.

Typical Parking Lot Tree Planting
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