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Operations Bureau

Traffic Services

Police Officers in UniformThe Traffic Section’s primary duty is to ensure the safety of the motoring public.  This section investigates serious crashes and conducts crash follow-up investigations.  Other duties include warrant preparation for serious traffic offenses and traffic enforcement at targeted problem areas.  This section also manages the school crossing guards, abandoned vehicles and various other programs.

Traffic Services vehicle pulled over assisting dump truck.

Motor Carrier Program

The Traffic Section has operated a Motor Carrier Enforcement program since 1997.  The program’s objectives are two-fold:  first, to ensure the safety of the motoring public by assuring that truck drivers are obeying traffic laws and operating properly equipped vehicles; and second, to reduce potential damage to City roads by identifying improperly loaded or overloaded trucks.

Police car in parking lot.Handicap Parking Volunteer Program

This program involves the assistance of volunteer citizens to help enforce handicap-parking and fire lane regulations.  Participants who meet specific qualifications are responsible for issuing citations to illegally parked vehicles in handicap designated parking spaces and fire lane violators.  This program was instituted in 1990.  Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Traffic Section at (248) 871-2630.

Clip Art - Traffic LightRequest for a Traffic Control Device

Requests for the placement of traffic control devices, such as speed bumps or stop signs, should be made to the City’s Traffic Engineer at (248) 871-2560.

Police Officer looking at damaged car that is pulled off to the side of the road at night.Reporting a Traffic Crash

Michigan law requires a written report to be filed if the crash occurred on a public roadway and resulted in an injury or combined damage in excess of $1,000.  It is best to report a traffic crash at the time it occurs.  Officers will respond to the scene when summoned to file such a report.  If you are filing a traffic crash report at a later time or date, you will need to contact the other involved party or parties and schedule a mutually acceptable time for all parties to appear at the station.  If possible, you should drive the involved vehicle so the officer taking the report may inspect the damage.  Reports can be made 24 hours a day at the command desk of the police station.

Traffic Fines

Portable speed radar unit showing a speed of 25 mph in a 20 mph zone.Fines for traffic offenses are established by the 47th District Court.  Requests to schedule hearings to appeal a citation should be directed to the court by the date indicated on the front of the citation.  The court can be contacted Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at (248) 871-2900.

The 47th District Court is located behind the Farmington Hills City Hall and Police Department at the corner of Eleven Mile and Orchard Lake Roads.  The court address is 31605 West Eleven Mile Road, Farmington Hills, MI  48336.

Seasonal Weight Restrictions for Commercial Vehicles

Spring weight restrictions are in effect. This map is of the primary roads that are effected by the restrictions. All secondary roads, subdivision streets, are Class B restricted roadways. Please refer to the Oakland County Road Commission website for more information. Click here to view Truck Operators Map.

Violation of the weight restrictions can result in a citation and fine.

printer-friendly City of Farmington Hills Truck Operators Map

Directed Patrol Unit (DPU)

The Directed Patrol Unit (DPU) targets crime patterns throughout the City and supports patrol functions when necessary. The DPU officers can function in a uniform capacity or plain

Prisoners and Bonds

Officer in holding cell.Inquiries about prisoners held at the Farmington Hills Police Department and how to bond a prisoner out of our jail can be directed to Police Command Desk personnel by calling (248) 871-2610.  The Court sets the amount of a bond.  Individuals charged with felonies, or certain types of misdemeanors, are not eligible for bond until they go to court and are arraigned.  After a prisoner is arraigned, he or she will be transferred to the Oakland County Jail, located at 1200 Telegraph Road in Pontiac, (248) 858-4950, unless bond is posted before being transported.

Vehicle Lockouts

Clip Art - Tow truckIf you are locked out of your car, you should call a towing service or a locksmith.  The Farmington Hills police will only respond in emergencies.  In cases of a child locked in a vehicle, it shall be considered a rescue and the Fire Department, along with a patrol officer, will be sent.  If police assist under these circumstances, you must sign a waiver of liability for any damage which may occur.

Extra Police Patrols

Farmington Hills Police carIf you live or work in Farmington Hills and feel that the police should be aware of information (such as on-going problems, suspicious activity, stalking or continuing victimization), you should call the Farmington Hills police at (248) 871-2610 and provide this information to a Command Desk Officer. The information will be provided to officers prior to their going on duty.

Animal Complaints

Animal Control Shelter BuildingA missing or runaway pet or any complaint regarding stray pets, should be reported to the Oakland County Animal Shelter at (248) 391-4102, or the Farmington Hills Police Department at (248) 871-2610.  All lost or stray pets found by the Farmington Hills Police Department are turned over to the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

Personal Protection Orders

A Personal Protection Order, commonly known as a “PPO”, is a court order intended to protect you from being harassed, beaten, assaulted, molested, wounded or stalked. The PPO prohibits a named individual from doing these things to you. It also prohibits the named individual from entering your premises and removing your children, unless there is an overriding court order.

To obtain a PPO you must go to the Oakland County Circuit Court (6th Circuit Court) at 1200 North Telegraph in Pontiac. You can contact the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division, located in the same complex, at 1200 North Telegraph in Pontiac, or call (248) 452-9725.

Complaints Involving Police Employees

It is the policy of the Farmington Hills Police Department to investigate all complaints of alleged employee misconduct, to equitably determine whether the allegations are valid and to take appropriate action.

If you have a complaint against a Police Department employee, you should contact the Police Command Desk at (248) 871-2610 and ask to speak with a supervisor.  If the complaint can be resolved through explanation and discussion, then no further action will need to be taken.

If you wish to file a formal complaint of alleged employee misconduct, you will need to come to the police station and speak with a supervisor.  The supervisor will provide you with a “Citizen Complaint Report” form.  The supervisor will explain the method for completing the form and answer any questions you may have concerning the formal complaint.


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