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Public Meetings Using Zoom General Instructions

How to Attend the Meeting:se the zoom link or dial in phone number provided on the meeting agenda. You will have to download the Zoom client in order to join a meeting if using the zoom webinar link.

  • Select your audio/video preferences and keep in mind that if you are using a computer that it must have speakers and webcam if you are using video. (Meetings may be audio only and not allow video capability)
  • Enter the webinar ID number if required located on the agenda. The webinar ID is unique for every meeting.
  • Your microphone will be muted and you will only be allowed to speak during Public Questions and Comments, during a public hearing item or other agenda item when called by the Mayor or Chair.

Making Public Comments

  • Use the Raise Hand feature in Zoom (*9 if you dialed in to the meeting) if you wish to speak and only when Public Questions and Comments or an agenda item is open for public comment by the Mayor or Chair.
  • The host will acknowledge you by name or by the last 4 digits of your phone number and you will be allowed to unmute yourself.
  • Once unmuted, please announce your name for the record and direct all comments to the presiding officer.
  • Once you have completed your comments, you will be placed back on mute by the host and will be unable to speak until such a time that further public comments are taken and you again Raise Your Hand.

Reminders and Tips:

  • Test your internet connection and audio/video in advance
  • Make sure your device is fully charged or keep it plugged in
  • Dial-in from a quiet place or use headphones if others are around
For questions please contact Pam Smith, City Clerk, at (248) 871-2420.