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Probation Department

Probation oversees individuals sentenced to supervision. The officer will meet with the defendant regularly, assist the defendant in securing entry into required treatment programs, and verify the defendant’s compliance with all aspects of the judge’s sentencing order. Should the defendant fail to comply with any part of the order, the officer will attempt to bring the defendant into compliance. If necessary, the officer may schedule a probation violation hearing before the judge.

Online Payments

Within 14 days of the date the ticket was issued click here.

If it is 15 or more days after the date the ticket was issued click here.

Any ticket issued by Michigan State Police (MSP) must be processed using the 15 or more days link.
If after 14 days, call the Court at 248-871-2920 to confirm the amount due as late fees may apply.

Other Information

Common Ground
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(877) 922-1274

Oakland Family Services
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ADAM (Alcohol Drug Administrative Monitoring Inc.)
(866) 929-2326

JAMS Enterprises
Alcohol and Drug Testing
(248) 454-0601
(734) 485-0630


Oakland County Bar Association
Lawyer Referral Service
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