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Map Gallery

The Map Gallery provides continual access to a wide variety of maps throughout the City of Farmington Hills.  Residents and businesses can access either a static map in PDF format (typically letter-sized) or launch an interactive app on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Property and Boundary Maps

Planning and Community  Development Maps

Transportation Maps

Voting Maps

Historical Maps

Parks and Recreation Maps

City / General Interest Maps

Natural Resources Map

Property and Boundary Maps

Thumbnail of Parcel Map
Parcels and Developments

Displays tax parcel and subdivision information throughout Farmington Hills.

Interactive Map

Planning and Community  Development Maps

Zoning District Map
Zoning Districts

Displays zoning district boundaries and related information.

Interactive Map   Static PDF Map


Planning Commission Case Map

Planning Commission Public Hearings

Displays information and location of properties scheduled for public hearings.

Interactive Map

Master Plan Map
Master Plan for Land Use

Displays master plan categories from the  current Master Plan.

Static PDF Map

Planning Atlas Map
Planning Atlas

Section level atlas with multiple maps to assist in the planning and development process.

Link to Planning Atlas page

Family and Home Day Cares
Family and Home Day Cares

Displays current family and home daycare locations and the ordinance required buffer distance.

Interactive Map    Static PDF Map

Transportation Maps

Thumbnail of PASER Map

PASER Road Conditions

PASER Road Condition Displays road conditions using the PASER scoring system

Interactive Map

City Map
Official City Map-2020

Official City of Farmington Hills road map with street and complex index.

Static PDF Map

Thumbnail of Road Network


Road Network

Public (Act 51) and private road network in Farmington Hills.
Static PDF Map

Roadway Jurisdiction Map
Roadway Jurisdiction

Displays jurisdiction of agencies over major roads in Farmington Hills

Static PDF Map

Speed Limits Map
Speed Limits

Displays speed limits on major roads throughout Farmington Hills

Static PDF Map

Seasonal Weight Restrictions Map
Roadway Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Displays seasonal weight restrictions for roads in Farmington Hills.

Static PDF Map

Traffic Control Signals Map
Traffic Control Signals

Displays the various locations/types of traffic signals throughout Farmington Hills.

Static PDF Map

Snow Plowing Progress
Snow Plowing Progress

Displays current progress of snow plowing efforts after a winter storm.

Interactive Map

Voting Maps

Voting Precinct Map
Voting Precincts

Displays current voting precinct boundaries and driving directions to polling locations.

Interactive Map    Static PDF Map

Precincts Map
Individual Precincts

Detailed maps of individual voting precincts including a listing of precinct streets.

Link to Individual Precincts Map page

Historical Maps

Historic Map
Historical Structures

Displays locations and detailed information on the historic structures throughout Farmington Hills. 

Interactive Map  Static PDF Map

Aerial Photo
Aerial Photo Viewer

Interactively explore Farmington Hills historic aerial photos from the 1940's through 2017.

Interactive Map

1940's Aerial View Map
Historic Aerial Maps-1940

Individual section maps displaying 1940 aerial photos and locations of historic structures.

Link to 1940's Aerial Photography Map page.

Parks and Recreation Maps

Parks App
Parks Map

Head out on a virtual tour of our parks and facilities with this interactive story map journal.

Interactive Parks Map


Heritage Park Story Map

Explore the natural wonders and various trail hiking opportunities in the City’s largest park.

Interactive Heritage Park Map

City Park Locations Map
City Park Locations

Individual maps of city parks and recreation facilities.

Link to City Park Locations and Maps page.

City / General Interest Maps

Waste Collection Map
Waste Collection

Displays waste collection areas and days throughout Farmington Hills.

Static PDF Map


Zip Codes Map
Zip Codes

Displays the zip code areas covered in the city.

Static PDF Map

Natural Resources Maps

Flood Plains Map
Flood Plains

Connect to Oakland County to enter an address and download the FEMA  floodplain maps.

Link to County floodplain maps.