Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for Fire Prevention activities that include:Education2-Cropped.jpg

  • Code Enforcement
  • Plan Review
  • Fire and Arson Investigation
  • Public Education
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Smoke Alarm Installation
  • Home Safety Inspections
  • Community Risk Reduction

Code Enforcement

Firefighters conduct periodic Fire Prevention inspections in all occupancies (except one and two-family dwellings) within their response district. Buildings are inspected for the purposes of identifying/correcting hazardous conditions, familiarizing firefighters with the building, and educating occupants in good fire safety practices.

Plan Review

Plan Review Fee Schedule

The Plan Review Office ensures that submitted plans for new construction and modifications of Life Safety Systems comply with current codes. Upon completion of the building, Fire Prevention will inspect the project to ensure that final construction is in accordance with the Code.

Fire Investigation (Origin and Cause Investigation)

The Fire Marshal along with other fire investigators are trained to investigate the cause and origin of fires in the community.  Fires within the City of Farmington Hills are jointly investigated with trained Fire and Police personnel. The goal is to prevent fires before they occur.
One of the most common causes of fires is unattended cooking. Please ensure you are always in attendance when cooking and ensure you and your family has working smoke alarms.

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