Planning Atlas

Interactive Map of Zoning Districts

The Department of Planning and Community Development frequently deals with the public regarding questions that are map-oriented in nature. Common questions involve the zoning designation of a tax parcel, subdivision locations, and information on tax parcels. In order to assist the public with these map inquiries, the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS) housed in Central Services has teamed up with Planning and Community Development to create a detailed map atlas of square-mile sections within the City to assist residents, developers, and builders.

The Planning Atlas currently contains the following seven maps: zoning districts; master plan for future land use; five-foot topographic contours and color aerial photography (April 2015); tax parcels and lots; schools and subdivisions; roadway jurisdiction; and soils information. Conveniently formatted in a standard page-sized Adobe PDF, the maps are available for viewing online or printing.

Please note that the tax parcel maps utilize very small text due to the large number of labels showing parcel dimensions. In order to print out a legible portion of the map you will need to zoom into your area of interest and load Adobe Reader’s “Snapshot” tool. The tool is available in Adobe Reader X and XI by selecting the Edit menu and choosing Take a Snapshot. You can then use the tool to draw an area of interest on the map. After choosing the area for printing, select Print and ensure that the Print Range is set for Selected Graphic.

All maps are for general reference information only. The maps are current as of the publication date of July 2016, so they will not included any parcel splits, combinations or zoning designations changed after this date . If you have any questions or comments concerning the maps please contact Planning and Community Development at (248) 871-2550.

Depending on what device you are using to view this page, a clickable Sections map may appear below. The release date for the current atlas is July 2016. Please note that section 27 is not included in the atlas as it lies completely within the City of Farmington.


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