Cluster Option and P.U.D. Plan Sign Requirement

It shall be the applicant's responsibility to meet the following notification requirements in the City of Farmington Hills.  Failure to conform with this may result in delays in the review process.  For further information, contact the Planning Staff at (248) 871-2540.

The applicant is required to submit a sign location plot plan at the time of submission for Cluster Option or P.U.D. Plan.  The sign location plot plan must be reviewed and approved for compliance with these regulations by the Planning Office at the time of application.

Sign Specifications

Signs must meet the following specifications:
  • black letters on a white background.
  • size of sign - minimum 4 ft. (vertical) by 6 ft. (horizontal).
  • sign face shall be an exterior plywood, aluminum, or similar material.
  • wording shall be as follows:
(248) 871-2540
(min. 8-inch high letters)
(min. 3-inch high letters)
(min. 4-inch high letters)
(min. 5-inch high letters)
  • installed a minimum of 42 inches above the ground.
  • the sign support system must be structurally sound and able to withstand lateral wind of 14 pounds per square foot.

Sign Location

SunflowerSigns shall be placed on the property proposed for development and in full public view along street or road frontages.  The proposed sign must be located along the property line of the right-of-way at the midpoint of the property width.

A corner lot, or a lot situated on more than one road, will require a sign for each road frontage, meeting the above location requirements.  In no instance shall a sign be located within 25 ft. of the intersection.  The sign location must be approved by the Planning Office at the time of application.  In unique cases due to the configuration of the property, or natural features the Planning Office may approve an alternate sign location.

Installation of Signs

Development Proposed signs shall be installed by the applicant, a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the Public Hearing.  The request will not be heard at that scheduled Public Hearing if it is not installed prior to that time.  City staff will inspect the sign(s) for appropriate wording, location, visibility and timing.

If the request is denied, the sign must be removed seven (7) days after the Public Hearing.

If the request is approved, the sign must be removed if the proponent does not make application for Site Plan/P.U.D. Plan approval within one month of the Qualification Hearing or seven (7) days after final determination on the Site Plan/ P.U.D. application.

If the sign is removed prior to Site Plan/P.U.D. Plan approval, the sign must be re-installed in the appropriate location fifteen (15) days prior to the Planning Commission Public Hearing on the request for Site Plan/P.U.D. approval, and must be removed seven (7) days after the final determination on the Site Plan/P.U.D. application.

Failure to remove the sign within this period may result in the removal of the sign by the City and/or prosecution at the owner's expense.


The application will serve as the necessary sign permit required by the City.  No additional permits will be required for this sign installation.

Cluster Option and P.U.D. Plan Sign Requirements
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