Master Plan 

A Master Plan is a long-range vision for a city’s future and provides a framework for making big-picture decisions. The plan can help promote and strengthen valued community assets as well as encourage new partnerships and opportunities.
In Michigan, the Planning Commission is to review the Master Plan every five years. While major updates may not be necessary, these reviews are necessary to ensure the plan is relevant to the current and projected needs and wants of the community. In 2009, the City of Farmington Hills adopted its current Master Plan.
In April 2022, members of the City’s Planning Commission and City Council formed a subcommittee. The role of the subcommittee is to meet and provide input and guidance to the full body of the Planning Commission, who are tasked with completing Farmington Hills new Master Plan this year.
To ensure the community’s input in the new Master Plan for Farmington Hills, an in-person event was hosted on October 20, 2022. However, public input continues to be sought via an online ‘virtual’ Master Plan open house featuring accessible links to an image gallery, illustrations of existing conditions of the City, demographics, maps, and a summary of the City’s market study.
During the months of April and December of last year, Farmington Hills issued Master Plan surveys to the community via traditional and social media. A third survey has also been issued and remains available to residents, home and business owners, and neighboring community members now through Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

Master Plan for Future Land Use