31555 W. Eleven Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48336

Thomas Skrobola
Finance Director/Treasurer
Shontae Stringfellow
Deputy Treasurer
Matthew Dingman
City Assessor
Theresa Jablonski
Assessing Information 248-871-2470 248-871-2471(Fax)
Property Tax Information 248-871-2480 248-871-2481(Fax)
Accounting Information 248-871-2440  
Accounts Payable 248-871-2440 248-871-2441(Fax)
Passport Information 248-871-2449  


The Finance Department is comprised of three primary functions – Accounting, Assessing, and Treasury. The Department’s main responsibility is to facilitate the prudent use of the City’s financial resources by maintaining accurate and complete records of all financial transactions, assets, and liabilities.

  • Preparing the annual budget for presentation to City Council.
  • Overseeing the City’s annual audit and financial report.
  • Preparing the annual property tax assessment roll.
  • Processing payments to City vendors timely and accurately.
  • Processing payroll for City employees timely and accurately.
  • Administering the City’s pension assets and retirement benefits.
  • Managing the City’s Liability and Property Insurance.

The Finance Department continues to receive national and international recognition for excellence. For the past 35 years, the City of Farmington Hills has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. For the past 21 years, the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report has received the prestigious Certificate of Achievement in Financial Reporting from the same organization.

  • For Assessing questions/inquiries, please call (248) 871-2470
  • For Treasury questions/inquiries, please call (248) 871-2480
  • For Finance/Accounting questions/inquiries, please call (248) 871-2440

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