Common Zoning Ordinances

Following are some of the ordinances that generate the most inquiries. Please call the Zoning Division for further information, since zoning district, location, and specialized definitions may affect how the ordinance applies to you.  A Zoning Inspector is usually on duty between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM to answer your questions.  View the Clearzoning Ordinances.

Blight, residential and commercial Sec. 17-51 through 17-77
Recreational equipment Sec. 34-5.7
Commercial vehicles Sec. 34-4.14
Home occupations Sec. 34-4.15
Decks Sec. 34-3.26.6
Swimming pools Sec. 28-26 through 28-30
Fences Sec. 34-5.12
Noxious vegetation Sec. 17-26 through 17-31