31555 W. Eleven Mile Road
Farmington Hills, MI  48336

Zoning DrawingsThe Zoning and Code Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance and of those parts of the City Code that relate to property, including the blight ordinance and the noxious weed ordinance.  The Building Division and the Zoning Division work cooperatively to remove dangerous buildings and to upgrade the neighborhoods and housing stock in the City by responding to resident’s complaints.  The Zoning Division conducts inspections and contacts residents and business owners in an effort to obtain compliance.  If necessary, the Zoning Division brings the violators to court for a hearing before a magistrate or a judge.  Zoning is also responsible for plan review of temporary signs, residential fence permits (see the Planning Office for commercial fencing), and assisting with the placement of accessory structures 200 sq. feet or less  (see the Building Division for accessory structures larger than 200 sq. ft.).  The division also provides staff support for the Zoning Board of Appeals.  

For additional information contact the Zoning Division at (248) 871-2520.