Traffic Tickets/Civil Infractions

Please read the front and back of your citation carefully for instructions on your options. If you wish to plead guilty/admit responsibility and a mandatory appearance is not required, determine the amount of your fine by clicking the fee schedule link below.

Each fee includes a fine, municipal and state costs, and mandatory state assessments (no state costs or assessments on parking violations).

Double Traffic Fine Rules

47th District Court Fee Schedule for Violations in Construction Zones, School Zones or at Emergency Scenes

Public Act 320 of 1996, Effective June 25, 1996

“. . . a person responsible for a moving violation in a construction zone, at an emergency scene, or in a school zone during the period beginning 30 minutes before school in the morning and through 30 minutes after school in the afternoon is subject to a fine that is double the fine otherwise prescribed for that moving violation.” (M.C.L.A. 257.601b)