Current Programs and Initiatives

Cannabis Industry Information Gathering & Public Outreach

The members of the City Council have expressed a desire to gather additional information from representatives of the cannabis industry regarding the various types of commercial cannabis facilities that are allowed in Michigan and to gain an initial level of public input on whether to allow such facilities in the City of Farmington Hills. 

COVID-19 Information


Safe Transactions

The Farmington Hill Police Department parking lot or Command Desk Lobby are available for use by residents buying, selling or trading items from strangers.  Press Release - Safe Transactions

Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Complaint Process

The MPSC strives to protect the public by ensuring safe, reliable, and accessible energy and telecommunications services at reasonable rates for Michigan’s residents. One way the MPSC does this is through the customer complaint process. If you are concerned about electric, natural gas, telecommunications, and video services, you may file an informal or formal complaint with the MPSC. To learn more about the process, please click here.