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Questions: assessingquestions@fhgov.com


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The Assessing Division is responsible for keeping record of and valuing all properties located within the City boundaries.  All properties are identified and described by parcel identification number, a legal description and address.  Each property’s information is public record and can be viewed in our office and online.  It is recommended and the responsibility of owners to verify the information on their record card.   The Assessed Value of a property represents 50% of the Market Value.  Similar properties are uniformly assessed in maintained condition by analyzing a 24-month period of sales.

The Assessing Division inspects and updates properties annually.   The State Tax Commission recommends that approximately 20% of the properties in each municipality should be reviewed each year.  An appraiser from our office may visit your property to review exterior information.

Annual Notices of Assessment are sent to all property owners in February. This notice explains the proposed changes to your property valuation, classification, principal residence exemption status, transfer status and appeal rights. Please review this notice and contact our office if you have any questions.  Click this link to review a sample notice.

Assessing division policy on responses to public inquiries

  1. 1. The Assessor of Record for the City of Farmington Hills is: Matthew A. Dingman
    2. The estimated response time to public inquiries is by the next business day. 

    3. A taxpayer may arrange a meeting with the Assessor or a member of the Assessing Division staff by calling the main phone number 248- 871-2470 during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. 

    4. A taxpayer may request copies of their records either by phone or in person during normal business hours. Requests for additional information should be made through a Freedom of Information Act request through the City Clerk's office. 

    5. A taxpayer may request an informal meeting with the City Assessor or Assessing Division staff prior to the March Board of Review during normal business hours by calling the main phone number 248-871- 2470.