Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials impact our daily lives.  These materials vary in nature and chemical composition, from the seemingly simple to the extremely complex. It is important to realize that the release of hazardous materials or chemicals can be large, small, or at times, undetectable.  A release may be in any of the three stages; solids, liquids or gases.  Therefore, to address this specialized issue and to head off potential future catastrophic events, the fire department employs a Hazardous Materials Coordinator to enforce hazardous materials life safety requirements, respond to Hazardous Materials Incidents, and provide expertise to the public.  

All firefighters undergo comprehensive training in handling Hazardous Materials Incidents, refreshed and renewed annually to ensure compliance with the latest educational standards and maintain operational readiness. This training covers preparation, emergency response, identification, and initial mitigation. Farmington Hills fire department has demonstrated proficiency in managing most Hazardous Materials Incidents without requiring additional resources. Top of Form
In addition, it should be noted that for any large-scale incidents, the Farmington Hills Fire Department is an active participant with the Western Wayne County Fire Department Mutual Aid Association’s Hazardous Incident Response Team (HMRT), which includes 45 members representing 21 communities in Oakland and Wayne counties. Formed in in 1987 by the Western Wayne Fire Department Mutual Aid Association through the cooperation of 23 communities, the HMRT has a response area that encompasses parts of three counties, thousands of squired miles, and protects more than 2.9 million residents.  

Click here for the annual Hazardous Materials City Drop Off date and time at Oakland County Community College.

Should you suspect a natural gas leak or a carbon monoxide release, please call 911 immediately. There is no charge to our residents to rule out an emergency.

For more information regarding Hazardous Materials, please contact the Fire Prevention Division at 248-871-2820