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DTE is stepping up efforts to trim overgrown trees to keep customers safe and to maintain energy grid reliability. Fallen trees are responsible for nearly 70% of the time that customers spend without power.
If you have non-emergency questions or complaints regarding DTE Energy’s Tree Trimming program, there is an inquiry form available on the DTE website at https://newlook.dteenergy.com/wps/wcm/connect/dte-web/home/service-request/common/system-improvements/tree-trim-claim-form. The information on the form goes right to the Tree Trim Team and they handle inquiries as soon as they can.
This form should not be used to report emergencies such as arcing/sparking wires, trees/branches on electric lines, or any other matters that require immediate response. Please call DTE at 800-477-4747 for all emergency situations.
For more information about DTE tree trimming efforts, visit the Tree Trimming page on the DTE website at https://www.newlook.dteenergy.com/wps/wcm/connect/dte-web/home/service-request/common/system-improvements/tree-trimming.

DTE invites public to weigh in on DTE's Clean Energy Future

On April 19, DTE is hosting its final in a series of Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) public open houses will be held virtually on Tuesday, April 19. Community members will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments about how DTE plans to meet Michigan’s future energy needs in advance of the IRP filing in October 2022 with the Michigan Public Service Commission. At this meeting, participants will hear how the company is modernizing and improving grid reliability, and addressing the needs of employees and impacted communities as it retires its coal-fired power plant. For more information about this upcoming open house see our press release here.

DTE's MIGreenPower hits 50,000 residential susbcribers

Recently, DTE's MIGP had its 50,0000 residential customer subscriber to the voluntary program. This makes the program customer base roughly the size of Ypsilanti! With approximately 500 new residential customers joining each week and strong demand from some of the state’s largest corporations and non-profit organizations, the program is driving the addition of thousands of megawatts of new clean energy to the grid. If you or others you know have interest in subscribing to MIGP, please go to our MIGP website here to learn more about it.

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 DTE Damage and Reliability Credits

 DTE has provided the following information on automatic rebates that have been applied in mid-August.

  • Customers that lost power during the large storm and were still out going into Monday August 16 received automatic $100 credits. These customers received letters.
  • Customers that were out of power for at least 120 hours during the catastrophic storm beginning August 11 automatically received $25 credits. These customers were sent an email and letter.
  • Customers who experienced 8 outages during the past 12 months received $25 automatic credits. These customers received an email and letter.
  • Customers who were out 120 hours as a result of the August 11 storm AND had 8 outages in the last 12 months received $50 credits automatic credits. These customers received emails, and letters.