General Civil

The Civil Division is responsible for the handling of general civil claims up to $25,000. Civil matters that exceed $25,000, must be filed with the appropriate circuit court. Generally, venue in the 47th District Court general civil division is proper if the defendant resides in the City of Farmington or Farmington Hills or conducts business in the City of Farmington or Farmington Hills. See MCL 600.1621.

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Civil Filing Fees

Claims up to $600 $35.00
Claims from $601.01 - $1,750 $55.00
Claims from $1750.01 - $10,000 $75.00
Claims from $10,001.01 - $25,000 $160.00

Other Court Fees

Jury Demand  $50.00
Motion Fee $20.00
Judgement Liens $10.00
Un-Certified Copy of Court Records $1.00 per page
Writ of Garnishment $15.00
Request & Order to Seize Property $15.00
Discovery Subpoena $15.00