Jury Duty Information

In the United States, jury service is a responsibility of citizenship. The goal of a jury trial is to simply do justice. In a jury trial, the authority to determine the facts and reach a decision rest not with the government, but with a jury.

What can I expect as a juror?
Jury trials are conducted one week each month and uses a “one week – one trial” jury system. Your term of service will last for the duration of the selection process (a maximum of one week, but typically 1-3 days) or the duration of one trial if you are seated on a jury.

How do I know if I need to report?
You have two options to see if you will be required to report to jury duty.

By Phone:
On the date and time listed on your jury summons you will need to call (248) 871-2905 for final confirmation of the need to report. You will need your jury number which is located in the bottom right corner of your jury summons. Your jury number may be referenced whether you need to report.

By Email:
If you would like to receive your final report confirmation by email, please email the jury coordinator at dpalka@fhgov.com no later than 4:30 PM on the Friday preceding your report date which is located on your jury summons. The jury coordinator will send email verification by 5:00 PM the day preceding your report date.

IF you are required to report:
When you arrive at the 47th District Court on the date and time for which you have been summoned, please report to the jury assembly room on the 2nd floor.  You will be checked in by the jury clerk and provided a juror badge. Court staff will provide you with an orientation program outlining specifics about what you can expect when you are sent to the courtroom for selection.