SiFi Networks Farmington Area FiberCity FAQ

Beginning in 2018, the Cities of Farmington Hills and Farmington began exploring the possibility of high-speed internet to ensure community members and businesses have access to best-in-class internet for generations to come. 

After years of research, SiFi Networks was granted access to the public right-of-way to construct the fiber internet infrastructure at no cost to the taxpayer. Other options were explored but were determined to be unrealistic based on cost. 

The new infrastructure will create more choice for residents to select from a greater number of internet providers and is expected to drive down internet costs, as more providers enter the market.

This timeline outlines the process of how the Farmington Area FiberCity project came to be. For a text version of the timeline, click here.

Yes. Farmington Area FiberCity is an open access network, meaning SiFi Networks owns the infrastructure and multiple companies will be able to provide their internet service via the same network. You will be able to select your provider if you choose to sign up for fiber internet service. However, you will not be required to opt into fiber internet service.

Though some community members may not want to take advantage of fiber internet service following the completion of construction, it is important that the City establishes a community-wide network to ensure fast and affordable internet is available to community members and business for generations to come. The network will be installed community-wide, with an expected completion in fall 2026.

SiFi Networks has been granted access to install fiber internet infrastructure in the public right-of-way.

The public right-of-way is a strip of land dedicated to use by the City and public utilities. Permits may be granted to private telecom providers to access this public property throuth the METRO Act. Farmington Hills and Farmington jointly approved a METRO Act permit for SiFi Networks in May 2021.

The public right-off-way is usually between the edge of the road and the sidewalk. In areas without sidewalks, the public right-of-way typically includes approximately 16 feet of land from the edge of the road, depending on your specific location in the City.

Seven to 10 days before construction starts on your street, you will receive a door hanger from SiFi Networks that provides a brief overview of the project and contact information for SiFi Networks. A digital version of the door hanger is available here, so you know what to look for.

You will see crews from Always Underground, Inc., SiFi Networks’ construction partner, in your neighborhood. These crews are approved to do work in the public right-of-way.

The construction happens in four phases:

1. 1. The first crew will install chambers level to the ground that are spaced out at required distances. These       allow the crews to install the fiber later on.

2. 2. The second crew will drill into the ground and under pavement to install black tubes that you will see         sticking up from the ground in short sections.

3. 3. The third crew will create trenches to connect the black tubes installed by the second crew.

4. 4. The third crew will also feed fiber cable through the tubes, and upon completion, this crew will restore       grass to the public right-of-way and fix any sprinklers that may have been damaged during the                     construction.

Once work is complete, crews will restore the public right-of-way with soil, grass seed and straw matting. You will need to water the grass seed to make sure it grows, and once it is approximately three inches tall, you will need to remove the straw matting.

SiFi Networks and Always Underground, Inc. are responsible for all project work and grass restoration in the public right-of-way. If you believe there was an issue restoring your grass, please reach out to the SiFi Networks customer service team, so their community relations representative can look into the issue. 

Their team may be reached by phone at (888) 766-9475, by email at, or online at Please note, SiFi Networks is based in the United Kingdom and many of their employees speak with a British accent.

As part of this project, SiFi Networks are granted access to the public right-of-way for construction. As part of that access, restoration to the public right-of-way with grass seed is the responsibility of SiFi Networks and their construction partners. 

The City understand that improper restoration can be frustrating. If the area was not properly restored and seeded, the most effective way to resolve the problem is to reach out to the SiFi Networks customer service team directly. Their community relations representative will look into the issue and determine how to resolve it. Any complaints received by the City will be passed along to SiFi Networks following this same procedure.